Maike Ladehoff

Maike has previously worked in the field of communications/marketing in Germany as well as in Canada. In 2012 she finished her degree in environmental engineering. During her studies, her main focus was environmental analyses and covered especially water related issues. Within a project of the Ministry of Education and Research Maike has worked on the development and implementation of an integrated wastewater treatment project in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. In the Master program that followed she committed herself to climate change relevant subjects such as carbon storage, carbon fluxes and eutrophication of water bodies.

In 2014 she has spent eight months on the German island Helgoland working for the Alfred-Wegener-Institute. There, she was developing a method for quantifying micro plastic in environmental samples. 

In 2015 Maike joined our team. She is engaged in the subject of True Cost Accounting, the development of sustainability reports against GRI and, is responsible for sustainability- and  carbon footprint assessments as well as  the further development of our sustainability tooling. Her preference for travelling strongly relates to her role in leading workshop, focused on Latin-America. 

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