Soil & More Impacts auf der BioFach

Vom 12.-15. Februar 2020: Stand 7-509

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Wednesday February 12, 11:00- 11:45 in room Istanbul

Title of the session is: “The role of organic and taxation in the upcoming European strategy on sustainable food”

The European Commission aims to launch a strategy on sustainable food along the whole value chain – the so-called “farm to fork” strategy – that would contribute to the EU’s sustainability objectives as well as the SDGs. This session will give an update on the state of play regarding this strategy, as well as explore how taxation can help towards reaching an EU sustainable food policy. Inka Sachse from Soil & More Impacts will introduce the results of the study “Taxation as a tool towards true cost accounting”

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Also check out further information from IFOAM EU

Wednesday February 12, 3-4.45 pm, room Prag 

Tobias Bandel will speak in a session with FiBL about Carbon Credits in Organic Agriculture (EN), focusing on soil carbon. Carbon credits have potential to leverage finance for sustainable agriculture, but they also face challenges regarding measurement, comparability of baseline and project emissions and output, and displacement of emissions (‘leakage’). We address this in general and specifically for organic agriculture, with a focus on the potential and challenges of carbon credits from soil carbon sequestration.

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Thursday February 13, 12.00-13:30, room Kopenhagen

Bio Wirkt: Öko ist gleich regenerativ? Impulse zur Förderung der Bodenfruchtbarkeit in der ökologischen Landwirtschaft (DE)

Weltweit nimmt der Humusgehalt stetig ab. Dies gilt mit Einschränkung auch für ökologisch bewirtschafteten Boden. Wie kann die ökologische Landwirtschaft auch hier ihrer Vorreiterrolle gerecht werden? Die Veranstaltung präsentiert Lösungsansätze aus den Bereichen Forschung, Finanzierung und Ausbildung zur Bodenfruchtbarkeit. Im Anschluss sollen diese mit den Teilnehmern diskutiert werden.

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