Circle of seven

Circle of seven

Creating true net value

For clients our 4Ms to Impacts form a consistent link to their corporate challenges to execute a sustainable corporate strategy.

A sustainable strategy starts with interaction and develops after intermediate public accountability towards new interactions, a circular process.

Our services facilitate the transition to a net positive food system that impacts -long term- ecological, social and economic value creation.

Services will be tailormade depending on your needs

  1. Interact
    Provide clients with specific news, focused on ESG developments in sourcing and its upstream value chain. Information, enriched by own expertise and synthesized for client about (potential) issues.
  2. Hot spot analysis
    Determine internal and external expectations and map priorities.
  3. Align
    Long term corporate strategy is grounded in a license to operate. A company can only survive in the long term if all stakeholders show ‘willingness to support’. This willingness is based on created true benefits for stakeholders versus made true costs, resulting in True Net Value. Aligning (outside) expectations with internal organizational capabilities is key.
  4. Intervene
    With our obvious focus on soil and on the upstream value chain we deliver practical on/offline interventions. Local capacity building with composting workshops on farm level till developing supplier-off taker relationships.
  5. Embedd
    Making change long lasting we help to embed priorities into the mainstream corporate data flow and corporate procedures. Integrate data in steering information.
  6. True Cost Accounting (TCA)
    Innovative approach to internalize externalities in a new profit definition, based on internationally accepted standards and protocols.
  7. Report
    Data from processes to fuel management and decision-making tools and form input for marketing. Aligning strategic goals to internal and external reporting as integrated reporting will be the norm.


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