Measuring Impacts

More sustainable agricultural practices start with measuring. Based on comprehensive impact assessments and impact modelling for soil, water, CO2, or specialized tooling we provide companies with practical assistance as soil sampling, composting and overviews of their environmental, economic and social impacts.

Managing Impacts

More sustainable production methods with higher yields, less input costs and jointly developed chain strategies are the base in modern  Farming & Food. We deliver change: from capacity building for local farmers to strategically developing inclusive value chain strategies with senior board members.

Monetizing Impacts

Essential for a firm’s long-term continuity is stakeholders’ willingness to support. Transparency and comparability via monetization of externalities helps stakeholders in decision making. From a business perspective creating positive impacts raises revenues, reduces risk and saves costs. We calcutate true costs for projects. 

Marketing Impacts

Supplying customers with management and decision-making tools and input for marketing purposes aligns corporate strategic goals to internal and external communication. We support the development of integrated reporting as the new norm for companies.

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