Future Policy Awards 15th October, 2018

Gold for Sikkim, the 100% organic state; and Vision Award for TEEBAgriFood’s work on TCA

WFC’s official press release said:

“The transition has benefitted more than 66,000 farming families. At the same time, Sikkim’s approach reaches beyond organic production and has proved truly transformational for the state and its citizens. Embedded in its design are socioeconomic aspects such as consumption and market expansion, cultural aspects as well as health, education, rural development and sustainable tourism.”

The wide range of other positive social, economic and environmental impacts that accompanied the policy demonstrate the strong links between healthy agricultural systems and the wellbeing of society. Meanwhile, TEEBAgriFood were awarded the Vision Award for their systemic approach to evaluating the positive and negative externalities of the food system.

The WFC’s press release said:

“This holistic approach of ‘true cost accounting’ allows decision makers to better compare different policies and the market to value food more accurately.”

These two awards show:

  • The clear link between best practice agriculture and social & environmental wellbeing.
  • The clear need for quantifying the negative externalities currently created by the majority of agrifood systems, which can help make the case for transition system-wide transformation in agricultural systems.

Best practice in farming not only links to reduced externalities, but can link to significant increases in positive externalities.

Discover more about the policies at the World Future Council website.