Tobias Bandel

Trained as agronomist at the University of Hohenheim (Germany) Tobias worked more than 4 years as cultivation and export manager for fresh fruits and vegetables at the Sekem Group (Egypt). Apart from his trading activity, he was involved in various agribusiness projects in cooperation with the IFC/Worldbank and USAID, such as the development of traceability and communication tools to link small-scale farmers to export markets.
In 2007 Tobias co-founded Soil & More International. In his position as managing partner, he held the main responsibility for the technical and commercial development. His main focus was on soil fertility projects, emission reduction strategies  and impact assessment including true cost accounting.

In 2018 he decided to incorporate Soil & More Impacts. Soil & More Impacts will sustain earlier described work terrain and will also support clients in their value creating processes. Clients benefit from Tobias’ excellent global network, his in depth farming knowledge and accordingly his unorthodox but pragmatic approach.


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