Lara Vallejo Roosdorp

In 2019 Lara joined Soil & More Impacts as part of the new “Business Intelligence and Apps” team, developing tools and applications for agile agronomic data capture. She also assists with customer service and product support by connecting data from farming practices. She is an agronomist with combined “boots-in-the-field” and academic experience, specialized in agriculture in Americas including crops such as coffee, sugarcane, and other row crops.

Her previous work involved R&D field research and database harmonization for DuPont and FMC in Latin America and Central America. She also worked in Quality Control & Assurance and SixSigma Process Improvements for developing SOP’s in agricultural laboratory projects in USA and Australia.

Lara earned a Master in Soil Biology and Soil Quality from Wageningen University, researching mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions derived from agricultural practices. The decision to live and work in Hamburg means she can devote herself to work maintaining soil resilience under a changing climate.


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