TCA at Soil & More

TCA at Soil & More

Our TCA assesses externalities with a focus on impacts on natural capital. This includes indicators such as Greenhouse Gas emissions and sequestration, impact on water resources, soil health and biodiversity.

Our True Cost Assessments are based on the framework of the Natural Capital Coalition and on the monetization factors provided by the UN FAO respectively locally customized farm economics. We only use publicly available models and databases (e.g. Cool Farm Tool, CropWat, RUSLE, DNDC and more) and provide full transparency about our metrics, assumptions and results.

Our customers use the results of the True Cost Assessment as internal management and forecasting tools, to better manage their risks and capitalize on their opportunities. Others use it for communication purposes, substantiating their claim on sustainability performance.

TCA Business Level

Our "TCA Business Level" assesses how current soil management practices on a specific farm or area will affect the long-term cost/output ratio through either soil degradation or improvement. Rather than highlighting the broad costs to nature and society (as in the typical TCA), this approach directly highlights the future costs of poor or good soil management practices for a specific farm. This enables current farm management decisions based on sound economic logic.

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