Sustainability means: Evaluating opportunities and risks in order to shape the future positively!

Soil & More Impacts GmbH, the sustainability consultancy, which is well known for its sustainability advisory services and which has also developed a powerful software solution for climate risk management, uses the opportunities of an insolvency process to restructure itself under a new corporate structure.

The company can look back to over 10 years of experience in the field of

  • Soil fertility advice,
  • the assessment of climate risks in the agricultural supply chain as well as
  • practical experience in the food and agricultural sector

Most of the employees have an academic background, for example as a graduate agricultural engineer, MS, PhD and have international and project experience.

As most companies face an increasing pressure to comply with the new ESG regulations, Soil & More continues to assist its customers to increase transparency and sustainability along the supply chain.

The software will be further developed in parallel. The two business units have been able to cross pollinate each other in the past. In the future, stronger development of the software part may be seen in a separate and independent unit.

The Hamburg District Court has appointed Jörn Weitzmann, attorney from the Kilger & Fülleborn law firm, an experienced restructurer as the preliminary insolvency administrator.

For clarification please contact:
Jörn Weitzmann
Arnold Heise Straße 9
20249 Hamburg
Telefon: + 49 40 460 79 70
Telefax: + 49 40 460 79 7 25