“Sustainability Flower” as basis for UK agriculture

The UK starts to shift towards regenerative agriculture. Farmers and supermarkets are using the Global Farm Metric to measure the impact of food production on the environment. Organic and conventional companies alike use the new calculation model.

The Global Farm Metric is based on the “Sustainability Flower”, which we co-developed in 2009 as a member of the Belbis Desert Club. It considers nine dimensions: soil, plants, animals, energy, air, water as well as social, cultural and economic life. Behind the Sustainability Flower, in addition to Soil & More Impacts, are: Eosta, Ambootia, Sekem, Lebensbaum, Alnatura, Rapunzel and the Sustainable Food Trust. The latter has now developed the system further and achieved the launch in the UK. During the launch, Prince Charles praised the new system:

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“[…] we might finally have the potential to enable a global renaissance of truly sustainable agriculture and food production. I can only say I very much hope this happens.”

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Jan-Marten Krebs
Director of sustainable AG
"We wanted to create a common understanding of the crucial aspects for sustainable development of agricultural supply chains. I am immensely pleased that the Sustainability Flower is now blossoming in the UK."

On the development of the Sustainability Flower