Spiegel article: The future of agriculture

In autumn 2020, a “Spiegel Special” on dealing with the climate crisis was published. In it, science editor Philip Bethge looked at the future of agriculture. Part of his research was “carbon farming”, also called insetting. Among others, he interviewed our managing director Tobias Bandel and visited the Dannwisch farm in the north of Hamburg with him. We have been supporting this farm since 2014 with measures to store carbon in the soil.

Read the whole article at “Spiegel +”. Or when you visit us in Buttstraße.

Jan-Marten Krebs
Director of sustainable AG
"Local CO₂ offsetting is particularly interesting for food companies that want to become climate neutral. They can use it to convince consumers and minimise risks in the agricultural value chain."

Quote from the article “So arbeiten deutsche Forscher an der Landwirtschaft der Zukunft”

Media enquiries answered
Julia Müller
Consultant TCA & Carbon Footprint