Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

We advise and train farmers in natural soil management by providing on-farm technical assistance.

Our services range from field assessments and soil improvement strategies to hands-on field action. They aim at soil fertility, erosion control and soil and tree carbon sequestration.

Our training and guidance include different soil sampling and biomass assessment methodologies. We support farmers in their cooperation with local laboratories and in the respective interpretation of soil analysis results.

We foster targeted natural fertilization. We have a 12+ years of project record of consulting, training and setup of small and big scale composting operations and give farmers assistance in the production and application of microbial solutions such as compost starter and compost tea. Consulting for site-specific biomass management and choice of suitable cover- or intercrops complete our soil fertility services.

Our knowledge is also easily available from a distance. Our online resources help farmers learn skills in sustainable farm management practices remotely.

We connect our on-the-ground findings and services with strategic advice, helping to create future-proof supply chains. 

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