Optimise procurement opportunities and risks in light of climate change

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Planning ahead – all suppliers worldwide at a glance

SMIrisk is a web-based tool for conducting an early assessment of climate impacts on the agricultural supply chain. Keep an eye on risks and opportunities, protect against crop failure and make your value chain more resilient. SMIrisk helps you stay one step ahead of climate change!

Short intro into the functionalities of SMIrisk
How it works in a nutshell

You have a global supply network for fruit. With SMIrisk you can see how much of your contracted volumes of citrus are at risk from environmental impacts this year. This allows you to proactively counteract supply problems.

Advantages for you

  • Short- and long-term raw material security
  • Product- and location-specific
  • Monitor location and weather risks in this year’s procurement plan
  • Take location, environmental and weather risks into account in purchasing planning for the next season
  • Assess the suitability of locations for future production
  • Clear presentation in the dashboard
  • Can complement risk management in the annual report
From the field

Imaging, for instance, you sow potatoes and the spring remains very dry, interrupted only by a few bouts of heavy rain. The nutrients are washed out of the soil before your potatoes can take root and you are threatened with crop losses. Our risk tool warns you about this ahead of time.

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