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SMImonitor questionnaire tool for all devices

Save time and improve data quality

SMImonitor enables you to survey your supply chain in a clear, convenient way and saves you from having to transfer data manually. We create surveys for your supply chain in a web-based questionnaire that is easy to send to suppliers worldwide via a link. Once loaded, it can be used online or offline. All the data is collated into a central document automatically and in real time. You can start evaluating immediately and no longer have to waste time transferring data.

From the field

Your dairy wants to ensure that its standards are met within the supply chain. So you send your own suppliers a detailed, multi-page questionnaire in PDF format and receive individual documents back one by one. SMImonitor saves you the time-consuming work of manually collating and evaluating the answers.

Audits and surveys become easy with SMImonitor
SMImonitor digital audit tool by Soil & More Impacts

Your advantages

  • Automatic merging of data
  • No more manual copying of Excel lists
  • Data reconciliation in real time
  • Significantly less work and potential for errors
  • Easy to process thanks to CSV output
  • Available both online and offline
  • Multiple response options
  • Image retrieval and uploads possible
  • Quick input on the farm level
  • Pre-filled data from the second survey onwards
  • Individual dashboard overview
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