Materiality Analysis

Identify key challenges on the path to greater sustainability & define measures.

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Define key issues and assess stakeholders

Materiality analysis is a valuable method to become aware of sustainability issues. It usually represents the beginning of a process by identifying and addressing critical (= material) issues within an organisation and its stakeholders.

The great advantage of a materiality analysis is that it can be very specific in scope to the needs of the issue at hand. For example, it can approach the issue of sustainability in a very general way or focus very specifically on greenhouse gas emissions.

In a workshop format (on-site or remote) we arrange pre-defined areas into a matrix according to relevance. This matrix forms the centre and the beginning for all further in-depth work. This is because it can also depict different perspectives – for example of the various stakeholders – and thus point in various directions.

On this basis, we bundle and prioritise the results and derive the need for action at levels such as management, reporting and communication, or incorporate them into the company’s due diligence.

Interesting as
  • Starting point of the journey towards sustainability and climate neutrality
  • More orientation in the field of sustainability and climate neutrality
  • Compliance with certain legal or voluntary requirements
  • Definition of due dilligence

Your benefits

  • Rank and prioritise issues according to their relevance to the organisation and its stakeholders.
  • Define low hanging fruits as well as those with the greatest impact
  • Identify differences between sphere of influence and circle of stakeholders
  • Align expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Achieve internal awareness of the status quo
  • Develop the organisation’s position on specific issues

Materiality Analysis as starting point for:

  • Climate strategy
  • Reduction and neutralisation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainablit strategy
  • Sustainability reporting regading internal or external standards
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