Climate Strategy Consulting

Sustainable and climate-conscious positioning – ready for the future

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Modules of our strategic consulting


  • Determine emissions
  • Hot spot analysis
  • Materiality analysis

Objective setting

  • Develop strategy
  • Determine measures
  • Check feasibility


  • Monitoring
  • Own climate projects
  • Reduce emissions and compensate as necessary

The challenges of climate change affect all businesses. Those with a connection to agriculture are most likely already feeling them today. The UN calls for the achievement of sustainability goals by 2030, and the EU has the goal of being climate neutral by 2050.

We assist companies in designing climate protection measures and jointly developing strategies for their future business. Our strength and focus lies in our consideration of the agricultural supply chain.

Our approach

We build on what you are already doing today. What ideas and approaches already exist? Do emissions calculations already exist – how deep do they go? These are typical questions you will hear from us when we start working together.

Since your climate strategy has an impact on the entire company, we involve as many stakeholders from the company as possible at different stages. Management, sustainability officers, purchasing, marketing, personnel: they all have justified demands on a climate strategy, which we weigh up and consider together with you.

Johannes Knubben
HiPP Group
"The cooperation with Soil & More Impacts provides us with valuable insights into the development of future global agricultural raw material production. This external perspective enables us to optimise our HiPP climate strategy and find innovative and long-term solutions for raw material procurement."
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Michaele Kaiser
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