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Know your emissions and start protecting the climate

What are the greenhouse gas emissions of a product or company? We find answers to these questions in our impact assessments. What makes our assessment unique is that we include primary data from the agricultural supply chain. This makes the assessment very specific and can also highlight the positive aspects of management, which is the basis of an effective climate strategy.

If no primary data is available, we use reference data. For the carbon footprint, we work with CO2 equivalents (CO2e) to make the climate effects of different greenhouse gases comparable. Especially in the agricultural sector, other factors are important because methane (NH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have a much higher greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide.

Why an impact assessment
  1. First step towards a climate strategy
  2. Starting point for building a climate-conscious supply chain
  3. Identification of savings potentials
  4. Credible communication on climate-friendly activities to the public
Carbon emissions in the supply chain
Product carbon footprint cycle by Soil & More Impacts

Our sources & standards

We calculate greenhouse gas emissions on the basis of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The underlying three scopes are used and recognised internationally.

As part of the Cool Farm Alliance, we use the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) and collaborate on its future development. We use the CFT to calculate agricultural environmental impacts.

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