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Do what’s right for the farm – a contextual and pragmatic approach

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We have been advising farms on soil fertility and establishing compost projects small and large in over 40 countries worldwide since 2007. Fertile soils are the foundation of our food supply. They are the answer to where and how we can grow food despite changing climate conditions. Our agricultural advisory services aim to increase the resilience of the agricultural value chain towards climate change.

"Soil & More was easily able to earn the trust of our farmers. The farmers learned new information that they were excited to implement."
Katie Clark
Happy Family Organics

Local or digital

Our approach incorporates the reality of local farms and their farm advisors. Together we find a holistic and feasible way to maintain and increase soil fertility. Reusing biomass to build up more humus plays an important role for us.

We prefer to provide our agricultural advice in a very practical way directly on farms. We have also developed a digital training programme that we can deliver anywhere in the world. In both cases, we also pass on our knowledge, experience and relevant material in a structured manner through our “train the trainer” programmes. We offer agricultural consulting in English, German, Spanish and French and are well-versed at working with interpreters.

Positive effects of soil fertility advice:
  • Ensures stable yields
  • Mitigates the effects of severe weather
  • Prevents erosion
  • Increases water retention capacity
  • Reduces disease pressure
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Inka Sachse
Senior Agriculture Consultant