Business Intelligence: GPS based Crop Suitability assessment

Business Intelligence: GPS based Crop Suitability assessment

Changing climate leads to more challenging sourcing conditions for the client.

SMI created a GPS based crop suitability assessment. This customizable, top down, natural capital risk assessment combines limited information of the client’s current supply chain with satellite data and helps to monitor, manage and report on their raw material risks.


Meal production




A strategic priority for the meal production company is collaborating with a climate resilient growers’ base to secure future raw material flows.  It is important to gain insights on e.g. how prone locations are to erosion or will water stress become an issue, given current practices and predicted weather patterns. Everything SMI needed in this assignment was the location of involved growers. This information was used for a hotspot analysis of the client’s supply base and feeds into a Power BI report.

SMI displays insights by taping global datasets on climate, real time weather, soil, erosion, water stress and future climate change, elaborated with, if available, own famers data.

Our client benefits with a Power BI based management dashboard for timely detecting risks on raw material insecurity. In case of potential disruptions SMI helps with e.g. Technical Assistance services to change insights into preventive agronomic action to increase resilience of the client’s producers’ base.

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