New book: True Cost Accounting for Food

True Cost Accounting in the food sector is a topic that has been with us for several years. Now we have collaborated on a comprehensive work that discusses how true cost accounting can provide a framework for systematic change:

True Cost Accounting for Food – Balancing the Scale

edited Barbara Gemmill-Herren, Lauren E. Baker, Paula A. Daniels

Experts from different fields of true cost accounting have joined forces for this project. They compare the true costs of different foods and farming methods, their impact on the planet and, last but not least, the impact of cheap labour.

Soil & More Impacts contributed significantly to two chapters of the book:

Chapter 8: Transforming the Maize Treadmill: Understanding Social, Economic, and Ecological Impacts

Chapter 14: The Business of TCA: Assessing Risks and Dependencies Along the Supply Chain

The book is available online.