Joint vision for a sustainable future – Soil & More Impacts taken over by sustainable AG and denkstatt Group

The consultancy team of Soil & More was fully integrated into sustainable AG with the completed company takeover on 24.03.2022 with the plan to further expand in the future. The denkstatt Group has thus gained 14 additional experts who will contribute their knowledge in areas such as climate strategy, sustainability accounting, sustainable agriculture, materiality analysis, LCA and CO2 footprinting.

Growth in Germany and strengthening of position in core markets

Our joint focus will be on growth and new advisory services for the food and agricultural sector – and thus also for renewable raw materials. The aim is to bundle competences and to integrate Soil & More into the denkstatt Group in the best possible way in order to be able to use synergies and to create sustainable added value in the long term. Managing directors Tobias Bandel (Soil & More Impacts) and Jan-Marten Krebs (sustainable AG) spoke of an “important milestone for the further development of the group” at the time of the takeover. “The portfolio of Soil & More fits perfectly into the portfolio of sustainable AG and into that of the entire denkstatt Group. The merger therefore strengthens our position in Germany on the one hand and beyond that in all our core markets.”

The growth enables us to act even more efficiently in the global and dynamic market and to support and to accompany international companies in the best possible way on their journey into a sustainable future.

“We are pleased about the colleagues we have gained and their competences for the entire group and about being able to offer an extended service portfolio,” reports Jan-Marten Krebs.

About Soil & More Impacts:
Soil & More Impacts is a Hamburg-based sustainability consultancy for the food and agribusiness sector with a focus on climate, soil and true cost accounting at farm and supply chain level. Since 2007, Soil & More has been assisting global leaders in the food and agriculture sector in the development, implementation and documentation of sustainability projects for the cultivation of a wide range of raw materials, with small and large-scale farmers, organic and conventional.

About sustainable AG: Shaping a sustainable future
sustainable AG is a management consultancy that supports its clients exclusively in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Founded in 2008 in the heart of Munich, a team of more than 40 consultants works on the sustainable development and future viability of companies. sustainable supports its clients in better understanding the changes that arise for companies from global challenges such as climate change or the loss of biodiversity. Together with its clients, sustainable develops answers that ensure long-term business success and at the same time contribute to sustainable development. The holistic approach to sustainability issues is reflected in sustainable’s broad portfolio: from sustainability strategies and climate strategies to sustainable finance, circularity and sustainable supply chains, the experts from Munich support clients from all over Europe, from SMEs to listed corporations.

About the denkstatt Group:
Since 1993, the denkstatt Group has stood for a holistic approach, innovative solutions, creativity and passion. With over 180 experts spread across 9 locations and 6 countries, it offers customised solutions for practically all issues in the areas of sustainability, environment and climate protection – always with the aim of making society rethink. It works with its clients in finance, industry, commerce, advocacy and the public sector to develop solutions that ensure today’s choices can survive in tomorrow’s world. Its services relate to the following areas, among others: EU Taxonomy and
Sustainable Finance, Energy Efficiency and Management, Net-Zero & Climate Strategy, SBTi, CDP Reporting, Scenario Analysis (TCFD), Circular Economy & Supply Chain Management, ESG & Sustainability Strategy and Management, and Sustainability Reporting & CSRD, EHS Management & Legal Compliance Services and Sustainable Urban Planning and Development & Sustainable Mobility.

For queries:
Samira Romero, Group Marketing Manager
denkstatt GmbH

Jan-Marten Krebs
Director of sustainable AG
Now more than ever, it is important to show that regenerative, sustainable agriculture is the most ecologically, socially and economically sensible option for people and the environment. I am pleased that Soil & More has found a strong partner in denkstatt Group to continue working ambitiously, pragmatically and professionally towards this goal