Natural fertilisation on coffee plantations

The UTZ Foundation certifies coffee worldwide with its label for compliance with economic, social and ecological standards. In 2017 and 2018, we travelled to Uganda and Honduras on behalf of UTZ.

We made progress with natural fertilisation measures on numerous coffee farms. The focus was on soil fertility, erosion and the concrete needs of the farms.

In workshops on sustainable coffee cultivation and adapting to climate change, we provided the farmers with practical material to support their future work.

Coffee Farm in Honduras Coffee Farm in Honduras Coffee Farm in Honduras
Our workshops and training sessions were focused on the needs of the farmers. We wanted to give them practical, workable support.

During our field visits, we showed the farmers how to take soil samples and what is important when examining leaves.

In total, we collected more than 300 different samples in Uganda and Honduras. After analysing the data, we were able to draw conclusions about soil quality and fertility.

Depending on the results of the analysis, we recommended appropriate measures to the farmers to achieve better yields through natural fertilisation and to counteract erosion.

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