Gold Standard Project for Ritter Sport in Nicaragua

Over the course of 2014 to 2020, we helped Ritter Sport to set up and register a Gold Standard project in Nicaragua. The aim of the project is to reduce emissions from their cocoa plantation and make it climate neutral in the medium term.

We based our reduced emissions model on the Gold Standard LUF (land-use & forests) methodology,. Measures such as fallow land reforestation enabled us to create a sustainable cocoa plantation.

An agroforestry system helps to create a climate-neutral cocoa factory.

Measures involved in the project

The cocoa plantation is located in eastern Nicaragua. We travelled there to take on-site samples of tree biomass and to collect detailed data about the plantation.

In addition to reforestation, sustainability measures for cocoa production on the Ritter Sport plantation also include:

  • Biomass composting
  • Minimal use of artificial fertilisers
  • CO2 sequestration in the soil
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