Compost and fewer emissions in cotton production

In 2018, we supported an international conservation organisation to make cotton production in China more sustainable. Through visits to the region, we were able to model the potential for reducing emissions. Based on this, an action plan was developed. An important component of these measures was the construction of a large composting plant for a 1,400 h farm. This serves as a best-practice example for other farms in the area.

Providing farmers with intensive training on the construction and maintenance of composting facilities is a prerequisite for the success of the project.

Compost workshops

  • How does composting work?
  • What is compost tea?
  • How do you build a composting plant?
  • What kind of maintenance does a composting plant require?

We provided both theoretical and practical answers to these and other questions as part of our training for cotton farmers in China. We also provide ongoing advice to the farms on soil management and composting.


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