Cocoa production during climate change - Tony's Chocolonely

Since 2017, we have been accompanying two cocoa cooperatives on their journey towards natural soil fertility management. Tony’s Chocolonely commissioned us to support their farms in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana in adapting to climate change. We shared our knowledge on the ground and showed them ways to achieve better soil management.

Soil and leaf samples, as well as an erosion assessment, provide information on the soil characteristics.
Training for long-term success

We have developed localised solutions for on-site knowledge transfer. We train farmers to take soil and leaf samples and to assess erosion. Our training includes methods such as composting, green manuring and sensible catch crop cultivation.

To deliver the training sessions and workshops, we travelled to the regions multiple times and were able to share our knowledge with those working directly on the plantations. The cooperatives are able to improve the fertility and water retention capacity of their soils with the help of locally produced fertilisers.

In this case, we worked together to apply compost starter or compost tea to the mulch around the trees to increase productivity and soil life. At the same time, the cooperatives are equipped with soil analysis solutions and mobile apps to assess and evaluate data.

The project is a public-private partnership and was financed with the help of DEG.

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