App development for FAO digitalised audits

In 2015, we were commissioned by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to develop the SAFA Smallholders app. SAFA stands for the FAO Guidelines for the Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems.

The app we developed enables data used to implement SAFA to be collected more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. Since the app is targeted at smallholder farms, it has been specifically optimised for use on smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the app, farms around the world can compile their data for SAFA in under an hour.

The questionnaires are available in 26 languages, making them particularly easy to complete. The data is collated centrally in FAO and SAFA databases, where it can be used to make quick decisions.

Simple data collection ensures a higher, faster response rate. This makes decision-making easier.

SAFA in brief

SAFA stands for “Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems”. These are guidelines issued by the UN organisation FAO to ensure a uniform assessment of sustainability performance in the agricultural and food sector.

The SAFA guidelines are internationally recognised. Therefore, they provide a global framework, which we at Soil & More Impacts also refer to in our sustainability assessments. The video explains the four dimensions of SAFA.

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