Online education in agriculture

In 2018, we were commissioned by EOSTA and DEG to develop a platform for sharing important agricultural knowledge, even at a distance.

The aim was to provide low-cost, decentralised training to supplier farms around the world.

Videos in different languages can be used by farmers worldwide to further their education in good agricultural practices.
Learning resources available worldwide

To create the online course, we were able to draw on our extensive experience of delivering in-person training sessions on farms from Costa Rica to Korea. This cumulated in a series of learning resources in English and Spanish that are easy to access and work through on farms. Topics include biological pest control, beneficial microbes and the benefits of different crop rotations.

In addition to farmer assessments in detailed explanatory videos, the training also includes short animated introductory videos to illustrate specific agricultural challenges. To round off the online course, we offer additional illustrative teaching materials and a final self-test.

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