BIOWelt: Finance world interview on true cost accounting

Prices in the supermarket, true prices and above all true costs. These three topics are driving the industry. An interview from December 2020 in the business magazine BIOWelt shows that not only agriculture and the food industry are affected. There, editor-in-chief Heike van Braak spoke with a total of six experts on the topic of true cost accounting:

  • Thomas Jorberg, spokesman of the board of GLS Bank
  • Hubertus Doms, Executive Board of the Hipp Group
  • Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta
  • Sören Stöber, sustainability expert at Trucost, part of S&P Global
  • Frank Pierschel, Chief Sustainable Finance Officer at BaFin
  • Tobias Bandel, Managing Director Soil & More Impacts

The experts agreed that there can be no “business as usual” and that regulation must come from all sides: voluntarily from the companies, driven by the financial sector and finally also demanded by the state.

Jan-Marten Krebs
Director of sustainable AG
"Today, a farmer is penalised financially for trying to reduce these follow-up costs."

This is how Tobias Bandel sums up the reason for the slow progress of true-cost consideration in the interview.

Media enquiries answers
Maike Ladehoff
Impact Consultant