About us

About us

We connect the realities of farming practice with strategic decision-making at the senior management level of food and agricultural companies.

We integrate our global ‘boots in the field’ experience with strategic advice to help companies create future-proof sourcing networks. This is supported by our suite of digital data management services through which we create data-driven solutions.

Our pioneering work on True Cost Accounting - particularly to do with managing natural capital assets - leads to ground-breaking transformational change (on both the company & institutional level).

Businesses benefit from preserving natural capital

The support we offer is based on a simple insight: that food and agricultural businesses depend on natural capital - such as soils and water - for profitability and stability.

Without natural capital there is no business survival. We assist clients in building resilient sourcing networks by identifying production risks, managing, measuring and monetizing these.

Clients benefit from our holistic approach to values in order to realise future-proofness.

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