Our Vision? We make agriculture sustainable!
Many years of practical experience from around the world shape the services we provide to the food and agricultural industries.
Our services
We provide personal, well-founded, practical advice from a holistic view of the agricultural supply chain.
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Our services
Interact with supply chains in a timely manner. Make internal audits smarter.
Optimise procurement risks and opportunities in light of climate change
Calculate greenhouse gas and water footprints with a focus on agriculture
Carbon Footprint
Offset emissions responsibly within your own supply chain
Highlight positive and negative environmental impacts in monetary terms
True Cost Accounting (TCA)
Do what’s right for the farm – a contextual and pragmatic approach
Agriculture Consulting
Sustainable and climate-conscious positioning – ready for the future
Climate Strategy Consulting
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Sustainability in agricultural supply chains has been our key focus since 2007

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Our team combines extensive expertise and practical experience from areas such as agricultural consulting, impact assessment, data analysis, sustainability consulting and software development.

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