Soil fertility, natural fertilization, compost tea
Raw material security, hot spot analysis
True Cost Accounting, stakeholders’ willingness to support
Transparent evaluation and reporting

True net value creation

A more efficient use of natural resources is crucial for the long-term survival of Farming & Food companies. Therefore, becoming more sustainable is far more than just a unique selling point. Incorporation into a company’s strategy is key to create ‘willingness to support’ by stakeholders. Developing sustainable strategies is so ‘Chefsache’ rather than a marketing tool, as it helps to lower business risks, increases profit and is an answer to the public’s call towards a responsible business society.

Soil & More Impacts has the ambition to enable the transition to a food system that positively impacts ecological, social and economic value creation, i.e. a system that creates true net value.


How we impact

Soil & More founder Tobias Bandel explains the concept of compost tea during a workshop in Kenya.