Insetting Carbon Credits

Insetting Carbon Credits

Carbon Emission Insetting for Biomessen

Biomessen events organisers asked SMI to help compensate the carbon emissions produced by their events. Instead of buying carbon credits from somewhere else to offset emissions, we supported them to ‘inset’ their emissions within their own supply chain, compensating for emissions whilst improving the sustainability of their producers.






Biomessen organize local organic trade shows in East, West, North and South Germany. In order to offset their event’s emissions they started a cooperation with local farmers in each of those regions via improved farming practice. They worked with a 7 farmers accounting for a total of 1849 hectares.

SMI assessed the carbon sequestration potential in through interviews with farmers and soil samples. 75% of the sequestered potential on their farms is now sold by the farmers to Biomessen as carbon credits, with 25% kept as “security” until re-sampling. This income allows the farmers to improve their practices and realise their carbon sequestration potential.

The original assessment allocated between 0.2 and 5.1 tonnes of carbon sequestration potential per farm per hectare per year. Re-sampling in 2019 re-confirmed the majority of the original assessments.  

Through this “insetting” process the farmers are rewarded for their environmental protection services. Soil productivity and resilience is enhanced and the client has a transparent and traceable story which makes additional certification possible, but not always necessary.


Hof Dannwisch

Hamburg, Germany

Emission reduction & carbon sequestering practices: intercropping, reduced tillage

Yeartons CO2 sequesteredtons CO2 retired
2014114114 (BioMessen)
2015189189 (BioMessen)
2016189189 (BioMessen)
2017170170 (BioMessen)
2018170170 (BioMessen)


Biohof Engemann

Kassel, Germany

Emission reduction & carbon sequestering practices: green manure, reduced tillage

Yeartons CO2 sequesteredtons CO2 retired
2014129129 (BioMessen)
2015326326 (BioMessen)
2016325325 (BioMessen)
201729241 (BioMessen); 251 (Preussenquelle)
2018292292 (BioMessen)








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