About True Cost Accounting

About True Cost Accounting


True Cost Accounting (TCA) is an innovative method for calculating the impact that food and agricultural activities have on natural and social capital – so called business ”externalities”.

Usually these impacts – positive or negative – are not reflected in the prices payed for food and agricultural products. TCA expresses the impacts in monetary terms, making transparent the fact that unsustainable practices have very real costs for people and planet.

We use this form of impact analysis to drive transformation in food and agriculture. Our pioneering work is helping to drive change from the corporate boardroom, to policy-making, acountancy services and farms around the globe.

The Costs to Business

Degradation of natural and social capital is not only a risk to society, it is a risk to the future viability of food and agricultural businesses.

Financial institutions increasingly recognise that natural capital-related risk directly impacts the future-proofness of a business. Our unique TCA-business methodology helps quantify the future risks and profitability associated with certain farming practices.

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